A history and some pictures of Meccano models, by Alexander

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As a background I used the instruction booklet of my first meccano box. Of course it´s worn and torn, but I cherish it. Here is a link to a picture of this booklet. My Meccano history started in the late fifties with this 00 set. Right is a picture of my gear outfit B, I got in 1963.

In the course of the years my Meccano collection grew gradually, till in the sixties I had about a box 6, packed in two boxes sawn out of a printshop letterbox. In the next picture those boxes are shown.

As a motor I had a small clockwork, later a large clockwork motor and finally a monoperm 6 volt electric motor with a transformer. Alongside goes a picture of my bolt and nut boxes with the old paper stickers on top.

Incorporated in this collection were also a lot of parts, I inheretated from my father, mostly parts from the thirties. Along goes a scanned copy of my 1964 price list. I used all of my money in those days on various spare parts, particularly nuts and bolts.

Here is a scanned copy of the 1957 folder. I have spent many hours, dreaming over the cranes and other models pictured in this folder. Look out, the right one links to a picture of 1 Mb.
A recent picture of the collection in a selfmade wooden box. On top of this box are the two insert boxes shown above. The right picture shows some rare parts in my collection.
Now we come to the building of models. The first to be shown is a crane, built after the model in the folder above.
Yes, in 1999 I bought the centenial box 10 crane set and built it. i think it is a wonderful model and of good quality, particularly the paintwork of the parts is excellent. I built it with a non original electromotor.
This is my model of the famous 100 ton dock yard crane, built in the nineties after the plans, ordered from GW.
Very famous also, this model of the transporter bridge. Many dinkeys were transported on this one.

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