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Our steam locomotives and other engines are driving on the following days in 2024

(depending on weather conditions and corona measures):

Our big events:

27th of April "Orangesteam" and the 8th of June, "Summersteam". (from 10 o´clock)

The pictures under the above links are from our event of last year.

Our standard driving days:

13th and 27th of April, 11th and 25th of May, 22nd of June, 13th and 26th of July,

10th and 24th of August, 14th and 28th of September, all days from 11 o´clock to 16.

Last driving day will be the 12th of October from 15 to 18 and from 19 to 21.

This picture gives you an impression of the crowd on such a day.

On the station is Peter with his locomotive, the Jan, ready to leave.

In the background the crowd is waiting for the next train.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

Peter ready for leaving on a well filled train on the drivingday 12th of july 2003.

This picture gives you an inpression of the atmosphere around the five inch track.

Maarten(+) is driving his beautifully built DB- Series 64 locomotive model.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

Maarten on his beautifully built BR 64 on our 5 inch track.
Our club aims to build, drive and demonstrate model steam locomotives and various steam driven machines. At our clubsite we have 7 1/4" ground level track which is approximately 400 meters in length, a raised 3 1/2" and 5" combined track, 250 meters in length and last but not least we have approximately 35 meters of gauge 1 track on an oval table. There are hardened roads and footpaths, where traction engines and other steam driven vehicles can drive freely within the site. The middle terrain is used for showing a variety of model engineering activities during the big events.

Want to make a virtual ride on our groundtrack?